Migrating to Automate the Construction Sector in the coming days

Automation scope is massive in construction sector from project initial planning stage to operation & maintenance. After reading this article we come to know about the advantages, disadvantages by implementing the automation in construction sector. Also we know the possible solutions to avoid the creation of unemployment by the implementation of automation in construction sector.


Automation can be implemented in following areas:

  • Monitoring the progress of construction by the drones
  • Excavation by Robots
  • Breaking by Robots
  • Milling & Pavements
  • Wall finishes by Robots
  • Using radio waves in the work place (site) equipment to track
  • Instruction to site workers by smart sensors.
  • Computer aided design
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • ERP system



But adaptation of automation to construction sector is not an easy as compared to manufacturing sector. In the manufacturing sector products are similar (assume car manufacturing company), where as in construction sector project to project will be change. Also construction robots are ready to be work in different weather conditions like from 10 degree centigrade to 50 degree centigrade. Technology to develop the manufacturing of Robots suitable to all weather conditions.

Now a days all concrete production & pumping by automation all over the world. Once upon a time concrete mixing is laborious process, now so many ready mix plants are available in remote areas also. Technology improved, cost also came down.

Even individual residential owners also interesting to use ready mix concrete instead of site base mix, because this is noise & pollution free, cost also almost as same as of site mix. No worry about the space to store the aggregates & cement etc.,

Almost 90% of the off-site construction is already implemented automation i.e ready mix concrete, ready made plaster mix, hot mix plants for bitumen/asphalt paving, manufacturing of all kind of construction materials etc.,

Advantages of Construction sector by using the above advanced technology

  • To speed up the construction
  • To increase the Safety measures
  • To increase the Quality
  • Remote site construction monitoring
  • Materials testing
  • Reduce the shortage of skilled manpower

Disadvantages of Construction sector by using the above advanced technology

  • Increase the unemployment
  • Initial investment is more.
  • Difficulty to adopt for all kind of projects (lot of modifications to be done)
  • Technology limits

Possible solutions to reduce the creation of unemployment by Automation

  • Bring radical changes in education
  • Improve the skills of the people to meet the new requirements
  • Keeping in view the need to develop infrastructure automation
  • Creativity and Innovation shall be developed in people
  • New approaches in order to ensure the safety of employees

As per world bank research report

  • Approximately 70% of jobs will be cut down by automation in coming future.
  • In India, the working capacity of the population of 100 million could predict at year 2050. Expert says, at that time, if India couldn’t create the jobs beyond automation level then it will be in trouble.

However, finally we conclude that 100% implementation of automation in on-site construction is very difficult.

Source: http://www.forconstructionpros.com/

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